4K Video Player Compatiblity List

Video recorded at 4K resolution is four times the resolution of 1080p video. Ensure that your computer meets the requirement necessary for 4K video playback.

4K Video compatibility Windows Media Player VLC Player Quick Time Player PotPlayer
Windows 7 + 1GB DDR None 4K10 4K10 4K15
Windows 7 + 4GB DDR None 4K20 4K20 4K24
Windows 10 + 4GB DDR 4K30 4K30 4K30 4K30
Macbook None 4K30 4K30 None


Windows Media Player
WVLC Player
Quick Time Player

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- Make sure you have copied video files from your MicroSD card to the computer drive before playback.

- Compatibility varies by computer. Video playback might be not available on some computers.