Boston + Solar Panel

Wireless WiFi Camera
Powered by Solar Panel

solar powered








Wireless Solar Powered Battery Cameras

Fast and easy wire-free setup. View videos directly from your phone.


See the power of battery camera and how it works.

You can install the battery camera at the door.

It will work as a housekeeper and record every visitor.

You can install the equipment in the backyard.

IP65 weather resistance allows you to have 24/7 safty at the backyard.

You can install the battery camera indoor.

It can be mounted anywhere indoor, or just easily sit on shelf, to guard every corner in your home.

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Video that won't be stolen

Save the recorded videos in encrypted cloud, never lose a file.
No need to worry about videos being stolen or damaged caused by a borken memory card.

Smart Motion Detection

Get instant phone alerts

Never miss a movement. Wide-angle PIR motion sensor makes
sure no movement will slip through without your notice.

Solar Powered

Get non-stop power

Use the solar panel to charge your camera with direct sunlight.
With just a few hours of sunlight every day, your camera will
stay charged around the clock.

1080p Full HD

When it comes to security, trust better quality.

Day View Night View

Aiwit APP

Stay in total control all the time.

Device Information

Use the free Aiwit app and client to view your
home, easy setting to see, hear and speak to
anyone from your smartphone at anytime

Real-time Intercome

See visitors in crisp HD video, get real-time
notification when motion is detected, and
stay connected to home at anytime anywhere.

Device Settings

Keep watch over your home with the
convenience of a wire-free, battery operated
camera with motion-activated camera.